Hey Washington Post: About Paula White and those 'bible-bleeding' Christians who support Trump

Here's my question for the Washington Post: What's a "bible-bleeding" Christian?

If you're one of the Post's 11 million Twitter followers, you may have noticed the newspaper's story on televangelist Paula White's comments concerning President Donald Trump as a modern-day Queen Esther.

Readers have pointed out a few things to your friendly GetReligionistas: First, the Post quotes White as making the remarks on Tuesday. But actually, White has been out of the country since last Friday (in Greece), so the remarks were recorded earlier for a taped appearance on "The Jim Bakker Show."

Second, this story has a real hard time with basic Associated Press style (lowercasing "bible" while uppercasing "Godly," for example). Granted, we live in strange times where the value of copy editors has been downgraded by revenue-hungry, online-first news executives. So who's to know how many editors — if any — actually read a story before it goes straight to the World Wide Web and millions of Twitter users?

But anyway ...

The most egregious — and I'll admit, humorous — error in this story comes in a quote. See if you can spot what I'm talking about in the ending quote from Stephen Strang, the founder of Charisma Magazine:

“I believe that bible-bleeding Christians have been praying for a turn in our country and we feel our religious liberties have been eroded and our country is less and less Godly,” Strang said. “And somehow, someway, his election was a partial answer to our prayer.”

Quick, somebody get those Christians some Band-Aids!

But seriously, folks: Is there any chance that what Strange actually said was "Bible-believing" Christians? (Yes, Bible with a capital "B.")

Just asking. (And trying not to laugh too hard as I do.)

For the record, somebody emailed the reporter on Wednesday to point out the mistake. A commenter also called attention to it. As I write this, it remains uncorrected.


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