This one will make you chuckle: You'll never guess what kind of Christians pray before meals

Full disclosure right up top: I'd never heard of Chloe and Halle before a few minutes ago.

But according to New York Magazine, the teenage sisters are "the first Superstars of the Beyonce Generation":

At the very beginning, the magazine hints at a potential religion angle:

You were not expecting this, but here you stand, transfixed, in the doorway of a Hollywood rehearsal studio, your throat clamping up and your chest tightening, watching 16- and 17-year-old sisters Halle and Chloe Bailey sing a single word, “Hallelujah,” in gorgeous, repeating crescendos, like a church choir sending a dying loved one off into the light. Those harmonized “Hallelujahs” aren’t even a song, just their way of saying grace. You are not religious. But you will start to cry.

Alas, as my wife described it, the religion content in this piece doesn't turn out to be too deep. It's — as my wife described it — "vending machine God for happy giggly girls." So this will not be a long post.

But it will be a happy one — if you're looking for a nice chuckle to start the week. As the person who tipped GetReligion to this story put it, "This is a tidy profile, but the media really doesn't get religion."

This paragraph should be an instant classic (in a "Why does GetReligion exist?" sort of way):

The Baileys, if you haven’t guessed, are very Christian. The girls were, as Halle says, “Gospel-raised,” and though they’re nondenominational, I notice Chloe say a quick prayer before lunch. And they never curse — “gosh” and “heck” are as close as they get. “Oh, we love God,” she tells me when I ask her later. “He’s there with us through everything. He’s our best friend. God gave us this gift, but I don’t think it’s us really doing it. Because sometimes we’ll look up and it’s there in front of our eyes. I really believe it’s a greater power doing it for us.”

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Even though they are nondenominational, they still pray.

Just wait until all the other nondenominational Christians hear about this shocking development!

You're welcome, by the way.

• • •

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